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Friday, February 1, 2013

Cold Days, Hot Deals At McDonald's

Brrrrr!  Since the current weather here in Northern Illinois is nothing short of frigid, I thought I would mention the latest McDonald's promotion.  There has to be something good about this weather, right??

As the mercury drops in thermometers throughout the Rockford Area and Southern Wisconsin, the deals will get hotter at participating local McDonald’s Restaurants. Beginning Monday, January 21, McDonald’s will launch the “Cold Days, Hot Deals” promotion. As a reward for braving the cold weather, customers who buy one Steak and Egg Burrito or Big Mac® sandwich at the regular price, will get a second Steak and Egg Burrito or Big Mac® for the price of the previous day’s noon temperature. For example, if the temperature is 18° Fahrenheit at noon on Monday, the price of the second Steak and Egg Burrito or Big Mac® on Tuesday will be only 18 cents. If the previous day’s temperature is zero or below, the second Steak and Egg Burrito or Big Mac® is FREE. Temperatures will be recorded from the National Weather Service’s automated weather station at the Chicago Rockford International Airport. The official temperatures will then be posted at each McDonald’s restaurant and communicated to the public via radio commercials and the local McDonald’s Twitter handle @McD_Rockford.


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